How I got to design a Pro hockey team jersey

Written by Dallas Kirkpatrick · 15 minutes read · 15 comments

6 thoughts on “How I got to design a Pro hockey team jersey

  1. How were you able to print out your design for people could use? Can you sell them in Bulk, how would that work?

    1. Any jerseys that go into production need to be rebuilt on a 2D vector. The manufacturer can use that to create the actual jerseys. The 3D mockups just help bring a design to life and allow you to see basically what they will look like on the ice.

      1. So you use the mock up as a design pitch to the people who make the jearsys real? If I were to create an xbox controller and send it to xbox to have a custom made contoller real would i be able to do that, or would it be against the rules?

  2. Design isn’t just about how a thing looks. Your first step as you forge down the path toward a career in design is to understand the kinds of roles out there and decide what kind of designer you want to be and this article is the perfect example of this statement !!!

  3. Hey Dallas! It wouldn’t let me message you on Twitter I assume it’s because you may need to follow back? Not sure but thank you so much for the advice. My dream is to eventually make uniforms for teams in the nhl. I would love to talk with you more because I have a ton of questions. If you could follow me back on Twitter @MrDookieShoess I would highly appreciate it.
    Also, big fan of the jersey you made for this team!

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