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Presenting the most realistic Hockey uniform photoshop template on the internet.. with 3 Main views “Front, turned Three Quarters, Back” as well as 3 Collar Options, so you Can Bring your Uniform Concepts to life or make your uniform pitch more interesting and believable.

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Over 40 NFL, NHL,NBA, MLB teams use our templates, for jersey releases, & Social posts.

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Our templates are created from scratch without the use of any copyrighted images.

You will get your templates immediatly in your inbox after placing your order.

Over 40 NFL, NHL,NBA, MLB teams use our templates, for jersey releases, & Social posts.

Each template has it own dedicated tutorial. showing exactly how you can use it.

What’s Included?

1 PSD photoshop file with 3 views that can be edited simultaneously
3 PSD templates featuring each view to be edited separately

Only Change Colors and Logos on One of the views, then watch the rest of views update automatically!

Editable helmets

Easily editable helmets with 3 views included. Add your Own Designs, Change Colors, and Text in a matter of seconds.

3 collar options included

This template includes the 3 main collar designs .


Add/remove helmet visor

Editable helmets with 3 views included.

All Changes will Apply Across the Front View and the three Quarters View automatically.

Watch this full tutorial on how to use this template.

Learn step by step how you can use this template to create your first design or concept, this tutorial is beginner friendly, but its recommended that you have basic knowledge of photoshop.

Ultra 7K Resolution

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Ice Hockey Uniform Template

34 Reviews
Photoshop mockup

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Customers say this about our template

  1. Willem Poelmans Verified purchase

    This template has worked very well and I’ve been quite satisfied with the purchase. Initially there seemed to be some bugs but they have since disappeared.

  2. milan.tewes Verified purchase

    Great Template, easy to use. Lot of fun to work with.

  3. mkosmala Verified purchase

    Template is as great as it looks!

  4. snacks122 Verified purchase

    Definitely worth the money, the customization of every element is just what I was looking for

  5. rjstearns305 Verified purchase

    Easy to download. Fun to use. No hassles. Excellent purchase to make.

  6. jordancomely Verified purchase

    Works as advertised, beautiful high res files for close-up shots, intuitive layers/smart objects to make editing easy, tonnes of detail and areas to customize.

  7. jordancomely Verified purchase

    File is intuitive and has great details. Very slick.

  8. Mike K Verified purchase

    Such high quality and so easy to edit. Tons of flexibility too.

  9. rshah8034 Verified purchase

    The templates work great!

  10. patrick1 Verified purchase

    I purchased the Hockey uniform and was very fantastic!
    I’m very satisfied with it!

  11. smithmdrew Verified purchase

    Great easy to use template that allows me to bring my designs to life.

  12. jakeojero Verified purchase

    Great easy to use template that allows me to bring my designs to life.

  13. hometownrivalryclothing Verified purchase

    easy to use!

  14. hometownrivalryclothing Verified purchase

    easy & fun to use.

  15. mwsurfer09 Verified purchase

    The template is phenomenal. Incredibly easy to work with and I would say it’s 90% plug and play. The tutorials available are extremely helpful but there are a couple things I wish it had the capability to do. It’s extremely simple to use but because of that it has some limitations.

    1. The logos/numbers/patches that you add all look screen printed which is fine, but because of how the layering works, you can’t make them to look like they are embroidered or stitched on, the holes on the jersey fabric are always there.

    2. It would be great to have an easier way to make a “hanger effect” on the inside of the collar. You are able to do it by adding a layer and then warping it but if there was already a layer with the correct proportions and warping that would be awesome.

    3. The collar options are a little confusing at first glance. There’s one in the “shirt” folder and then others outside in their own folder. For how extremely well organized the rest of the template is, it seems weird that they would have the collars split up into different places.

    All in all I definitely recommend the template but it’s simplicity can be a double edged sword.

  16. jpren182 Verified purchase

    Amazing template!

  17. Benjamin Peach Verified purchase

    This template is great! It is easy to use and all of the fine details shine through in high resolution. I would highly recommend this template to anyone who is considering it.

  18. Drew Scholl Verified purchase

    Easy to use, looks amazing!

  19. dominic.lochner Verified purchase

    Easy to use, awesome look! Would be great if there was a bundle discount!

  20. g.pickard7 Verified purchase

    High Quality Product!

  21. Katalin Molnar Verified purchase

    Nagyon szuper ! Csak ajánlani tudom / Great job /

  22. Steven Kleiner Verified purchase

    This template has been so much fun to use. Constantly spewing out ideas while I’m stuck at work. Worth every penny if bot more.

  23. connorhut23 Verified purchase

    Super easy to use and really great quality/textures on this. Highly recommend.

  24. kris Verified purchase

    Amazing template and is very easy to use!

  25. Yanice Rabaini Verified purchase

    Easy to use and great quality !

  26. Austin Spahr Verified purchase

    Template is fantastic and fun to use. Expanded my ability to create.

  27. Jussi Marin Verified purchase

    Awesome template!

  28. Chimot Laurent Verified purchase

    Ce template est tout juste GENIAL ! Même pour un débutant en photoshop, il reste facile d’utilisation. J’aurais souhaiter avoir la possibilité de choisir de patins à glace ou des roller. Seul petit défaut pour moi. Mais je conseille VIVEMENT ce template. Il est TERRIFIANT !

    This template is just AWESOME! Even for a beginner in Photoshop, it remains easy to use. I wish I had the opportunity to choose ice skates or roller skates. The only a small flaw for me. But I HIGHLY recommend this template. It is TERRIFIC!
    Thank you.

  29. Joe Cook Verified purchase

    This template is incredible. It is so simple to use and gives you an incredible result. Worth it any day!

  30. Brendan Kolk Verified purchase

    Basically this is my new favorite game. It’s at a price point similar to an XBox or PlayStation game, and if you’re the kind of person that will enjoy designing as much or more as an actual video game like me, then I totally recommend this.

    Are you the kind of person that plays NHL 20 and dabbles in the Create a Team menu as much or more than anything else? Just get this instead!

    It helps that I’ve had a lot of experience with this kind of thing in Sim Racing design too. There are moments when, as with any 2d-to-3d render, you might need to think outside the box to have what you want represented *perfectly*, but with photoshop, you’ve got that ability easy peasy. As an example, sometimes sleeve stripes on the 3/4ths view don’t align with the front or back views, or they won’t look ‘right’ if they’re travelling down the sleeve. But just use the warp tool as needed.

    But yeah, if you enjoy hockey design as much as a video game, definitely pick this up.

  31. grant.r.early Verified purchase

    Fantastic template, very intuitive and easy to use.

  32. Bolarinwa Amoye Verified purchase

    Awesome template and very easy to use. Will definitely be coming back here for more.

  33. Ty Gretzky Verified purchase

    Unlimited creative possibilities.

  34. Jason Masters Verified purchase

    Absolutely amazing product. Love it!

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