Ice Hockey Rink
Logo Mockup

Hand Crafted Photoshop Logo Mockup

Show off your Business Logo, School’s Mascot, or Sports Branding on an Ice Hockey Rink with a cool 3D render, featuring Changeable Color for the Ice Floor, Realisitic lighting, and One-Click-Logo integration.


separated reflections and shadows
For Optimal Control over your final Outcome.

All the layers are Editable, so if you need a matt finish, You can lower the Opacity of The Reflections, or even hide them all together.. Or if you need more Intense Shadows to fit your scene,.. you can do it in one click.. With this Mockup you are Getting a Fully Composited 3D scene thats built in a non-destructive way,So you can Have all the control a 3D artist has!

Fully Editable

high resolution photoshop mockup



zoom at actual size

samples of the Ice Hockey Rink
mockup in use

56TigerIce Rink4jets







Present logos on a hockey rink 

PSD Photoshop File       |       4000px Resolution        |        Fully Editable