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Create your own basketball jersey mockups with the option to pick from 3 types of collars & 4 different views. This template pack includes 4 neatly organized Photoshop files in 7k resolution, ready for you to use for personal & professional projects.

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Our templates are created from scratch without the use of any copyrighted images.

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Over 40 NFL, NHL,NBA, MLB teams use our templates, for jersey releases, & Social posts.

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Each template has it own dedicated tutorial. showing exactly how you can use it.

Our templates are created from scratch without the use of any copyrighted images.

You will get your templates immediatly in your inbox after placing your order.

Over 40 NFL, NHL,NBA, MLB teams use our templates, for jersey releases, & Social posts.

Each template has it own dedicated tutorial. showing exactly how you can use it.

What’s Included?

4 Photoshop Templates, 3 Collar options
7k Mockup | Front view 3 collar options | 300DPI
7k Mockup | Front 3/4 view 3 collar options | 300DPI
7k Mockup | Back view | 300DPI
7k Mockup | Back 3/4 view | 300DPI

Dynamic Lighting Layer

Our Sports Templates are the only photoshop templates on the internet with this amazing feature!

With the Dynamic Lighting layer, you can control an extra layer of lighting and CHANGE the direction of the light to perfectly fit your design.

3 Collar options included

Wishbone, Round, & V-neck

Separated reflections and shadows.

All the layers are editable, so if you need a matte finish, You can lower the opacity of the reflections, or even hide them all together.

Or if you need more intense shadows to fit your scene you can do it in one click. With this mockup you are getting a fully composited 3D Render that is built in a non-destructive way, so you can have all the control a 3D artist has!

Watch this full tutorial on how to use this template.

Learn step by step how you can use this template to create your first design or concept, this tutorial is beginner friendly, but its recommended that you have basic knowledge of photoshop.

Ultra 7K Resolution

Click the Images below to see a zoomed out cropped image of this template in actual size.

Samples using this template

The samples below were created using this template in under 5 minutes each.

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The Hobbyist license is also ideal for freelance designers working on a one end product with a client. If you find yourself needing to buy the Hobbyist license multiple times for different clients and projects, then a Pro license would be more advantageous, as it can be used for an unlimited number of products and clients. Our Pro license is also perfect for agencies and companies that work with a multitude of customers.


  • Can I use the Templates for client projects?

    Yes! You can use them for almost anything — the only thing we do not allow is using them to create derivative/competing products. For more information, read our license.

  • Can I use the Templates for my own commercial projects?

    Of course! Your license gives you permission to use the Templates in as many of your own projects as you like. For more information, read our license.

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Basketball jersey builder template

21 Reviews
Photoshop mockup

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Customers say this about our template

  1. Jarrad_van_Dijk Verified purchase

    Thank you. I’ve been waiting a long time for a quality basketball jersey template to finish a couple of exciting projects that I’ve been working on. Always appreciated. Cheers Jarrad van Dijk

  2. Kevin Morales Verified purchase

    The template is very detailed and intuitive. Its the exact same ones you see on ESPN, Bleacher Report, etc. The quality is amazing and unreal.

  3. Adriene McCoy Verified purchase

    Really easy to use and high quality

    Highly reccommend

  4. Ty Washington Verified purchase

    Love using this template. It is very easy to use, while still providing a quality result

  5. Justin_Dahl Verified purchase

    Amazing template. Took my designs/ideas to the next level.

  6. Maurice Bonner Verified purchase

    I bought these templates and got straight to work! Easy to use and the possibilities are unlimited!

  7. HuracanQ13 Verified purchase

    Excellent mockup i love it.

  8. Tim Short Verified purchase

    Excellent template as always. Expensive, but at the end of the day, you pay for quality and this is an unparalleled resource for sports designers.

  9. ROGELIO LOPEZ ALVAREZ Verified purchase

    Excellent mockup. I really like it.

  10. Mikael Ginai Verified purchase

    Easy to use and great quality
    The level of detail really sets the team at Sports Templates apart
    Couldn’t be happier with the purchase

  11. Jay Kennedy Verified purchase

    Love it – so easy to use and so much creativity!

  12. Andrew Kassl Verified purchase

    Top-notch. Very easy to use and great detail.

  13. Matt Miller Verified purchase

    Very professional look & is surprisingly easy to use. Works perfectly on Affinity suite too, even though it’s intended for Photoshop use.

  14. j.mupas Verified purchase

    Such a great template. Simple and easy to use. Just need the matching and updated basketball shorts template and we’ll be good to go!

  15. jM Verified purchase

    I cannot praise these templates enough! Looking forward to new templates soon!

  16. landonwatnick37 Verified purchase

    Excellent jersey template, highly recommend!

  17. arjavi marwaha Verified purchase

    love this

  18. arjavi marwaha Verified purchase

    love this. works well and is easy to use.

  19. Jo Jo Stephens Verified purchase

    Truly revolutionary work here that unlocks limitless possibilities for designers in the sports world!

  20. Tyler Brown Verified purchase

    Fantastic mock-up templates. Used the football and basketball ones. My only request is for neck tags to be on their own layer so we can disable them. Spent some time editing it out of the effects layers on the basketball jersey. These mocks are still really awesome though. Great work.

  21. Joeb Wuerthele Verified purchase

    This template is so easy to use and I would highly highly recommend this to anyone no matter their experience level with Photoshop. 100% worth it.

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