Ice Hockey Puck mockup

Hand Crafted Photoshop Mockup Template

Show off your Hockey puck concepts and designs using this Realistic Puck template based on the Official Hockey puck of the NHL, Including Extra layers to add logos and designs of the face or side of the puck, Also featuring editable lighting, Reflections, & Shadows as well as One-Click-Logo integration.

What’s included?

3 Templates, Side view, Standing up view, And 3 Quarters view.

6k Mockup | Resolution 6000px X6000px | 300DPI  |  1 PSD File

6k Mockup | Resolution 6000px X 6000px | 300DPI  | 1 PSD File

6k Mockup | Resolution 6000px X 6000px | 300DPI  | 1 PSD File

dynamic lighting layers



Create your own Hockey puck mockups in a matter of minutes.



All the layers are editable, so if you need a matte finish, You can lower the opacity of the reflections, or even hide them all together… Or if you need more intense shadows to fit your scene you can do it in one click. With this mockup you are getting a fully composited 3D Render that is built in a non-destructive way, so you can have all the control a 3D artist has!



samples of this mockup in use

These samples were created in under 4 minutes each.

3 High Res PSDs

6K Photoshop template with high enough resolution to be printed on a building long billboard!

Email Delivery

Once you purchase this template a download link will be sent to your email immediately, you’ll also be able to download it from our site anytime you want.

Neatly organized PSD

All the layers are named, grouped & color-coded for easier access, so you can spend more time designing and less time looking for layers.

Featuring Smart Objects

Smart Objects are an awesome Photoshop feature that allows you to add your design and it will automatically wrap it for you around the mockup for enhanced realism.

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• Adobe Photoshop CS2 (released 2005) or any later version

• 500mb-1000mb free space on your computer

• A basic knowledge of Photoshop

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Customers say this about our template

  1. John Locke (verified owner)

    A great, easy to use template if you need or want to design a custom hockey puck design. Very detailed, and makes it easy to produce professional results.

  2. Doug (verified owner)

    This is an absolutely incredible template, as are all of them from Ali. I’m running out of kind words to say about this artist. I’ve purchased 85% of his templates and there’s not one that I do not use. The detail and versatility is amazing!

  3. Travis (verified owner)

    Extremely easy to use, with stunning results. Simply put, there is not a better template on the market

  4. Brian Mchattie (verified owner)

    Extremely easy to use, a great, easy template?? Yes… If you are an expert in photoshop and or a professional graphic designer. As a hobbyist, I find it rather difficult because the commentator on the video tutorial uses phrases like “if you go into this layer, or that layer, then do this etc” without saying exactly what layer he is talking about. Surely a video can be produced which would be suitable for hobbyists like myself, or even a simple pdf file with step by step instructions and perhaps images..
    I eventually managed to design a puck which looks just great, but it really did take some hours and while I am sure with practice, it will get easier I am still having difficulties designing a second puck…

    That is the reason why I give this template 4 stars instead of 5 and I look forward to a response from the designer to my post.

  5. Storm Harding (verified owner)

    There isn’t a bad file on here. The work that goes into these is above and beyond. Worth every penny.

  6. Storm Harding (verified owner)

    There isn’t a bad file on here. The work that goes into these is above and beyond. Worth every penny. Essential for sports teams who want to promote specific products

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All and any logos or trademarks seen on our website are not included in any of our templates. These logos can be externally added to our templates to create graphics and designs; the designs seen on our website are samples created by our customers and we use them to showcase how the templates can be used.

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