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Most realistic Soccer Uniform template on the Internet, Full of Features Super Editable, Fully Built in 3D, with Reflections, Shadows, Cleanly Separated,To Give you Total Control over the final look of your Design..


    Only Change Colors and Logos on the three quarters view and watch the back and front views update Automatically!

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    How can you make your own uniform.

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Create your own in a matter of minutes!


    All the layers are editable, so if you need a matt finish Unifrom, you can lower the Opacity of The Reflections, or even hide them all together. Or if you need more intense Shadows to fit your scene, you can do it in one click. With this Mockup you are Getting a Fully Composited 3D scene thats built in a non-destructive way, So you can Have all the control a 3D artist has!

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• Adobe Photoshop CS2 (released 2005) or any later version

• 500mb-1000mb free space on your computer

• A basic knowledge of Photoshop

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Customers say this about our template

  1. info98 (verified owner)

    I’ve been playing with kit templates for a while now but this is easily the best I’ve worked with

    I’d have given it a Perfect score if the collar was changeable without having to make major drawing changes.

    Overall, a fantastic option.

  2. Monster Designs (verified owner)

    Nice kit template.

  3. GFXGrayson (verified owner)

    Very nice template!

  4. grantsproule (verified owner)

    Superb – love the ease of layers and effects

  5. jeremy.lipscombe (verified owner)

    Great product

  6. nangueprod (verified owner)

    Bon produit
    Je recommande

  7. Nico S (verified owner)

    great product, loads of fun to work with!

  8. eric3 (verified owner)

    Unbelievable detail! Really love the extra patterns that are included. Highest quality mockup for a full soccer uniform out there without a doubt.

  9. duvnjakh (verified owner)


  10. sportboysfc (verified owner)

    Great Job.

  11. grant4 (verified owner)

    Excellent template. Has promoted our brand to new heights.

  12. brianholz (verified owner)

    Easy to use. Top quality. I only wish there was an option for long sleeved/GK jerseys and an easier way to add patches/badges to the sleeves.

  13. dan3 (verified owner)

    Great template! Easy to use and lots of variations.

  14. stevenmena60 (verified owner)

    Best one so far, only thing is that it would have been graet to have the option for a rounded neck too

  15. Helios HK (verified owner)

    Easy to use

  16. shoptaiyofitness (verified owner)

    Great template! Easy to use and lots of variations

  17. Jialong Chen (verified owner)

    Super detailed, easy to use. Saves a lot of time. Don’t hesitate to purchase this!

  18. Ibrahim Mugambe (verified owner)

    This was Wonderful my client appreciated

  19. ivan-0357 (verified owner)

    Amazing content, thanks guys

  20. Scott Morgan (verified owner)

    Really good template. Easy to use and loads of variations. Will be back for more!

  21. powerplayjerseysaus (verified owner)

    Great template! Thanks Ali

  22. Travis (verified owner)

    Great template to start with. You can’t play with lighting much like you can with the other soccer jersey templates but this is a great one to learn with

  23. harald (verified owner)

    Great template – easy to use!

  24. Brian Wright (verified owner)

    Excellent graphics quality and easy usability

  25. Djalmo Costa (verified owner)

    Brought the template here. I’m very satisfied with product.

  26. sanwalhussain16 (verified owner)

    Amazing! I plan on keep buying these templates as they keep getting more intricate and amazing! Very easy to use, great graphics. Great Work!

  27. sanwalhussain16 (verified owner)

    Amazing! I plan on keep buying these templates as they keep getting more intricate and amazing! Very easy to use, great graphics. Great Work!!

  28. Tim Short (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and super easy to use.

  29. (verified owner)

    Great template!

  30. Cudjoe Addo-Nyarko (verified owner)

    Very Useful asset.!

  31. Cudjoe Addo-Nyarko (verified owner)

    Very Useful asset.!

  32. Lion Sportz (verified owner)

    Useful asset…!

  33. Capricia Karolak (verified owner)

    Great template ! Very easy to use it

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