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Show off your Football/Soccer shirt concepts and designs using this Realistic Football/Soccer shirt builder, based on the Nike Aeroswift shirt, Including 5 different collar options, Also featuring editable lighting, Reflections, & Shadows as well as One-Click-Logo integration.


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Our templates are created from scratch without the use of any copyrighted images.

You will get your templates immediatly in your inbox after placing your order.

Over 40 NFL, NHL,NBA, MLB teams use our templates, for jersey releases, & Social posts.

Each template has it own dedicated tutorial. showing exactly how you can use it.

What’s Included?

Front view/back view 5 collar options, long/short sleeves
9k Mockup | Resolution 9203px X 5188px | 1 PSD File
9k Mockup | Resolution 9203px X 5188px | 1 PSD File

Dynamic Lighting Layer

Our Sports Templates are the only photoshop templates on the internet with this amazing feature!

With the Dynamic Lighting layer, you can control an extra layer of lighting and CHANGE the direction of the light to perfectly fit your design.

5 collars included

All collars can be turned of/off with one click.

Editable sleeves included

Easily show and hide sleeves with one click

Separated reflections and shadows.

All the layers are editable, so if you need a matte finish, You can lower the opacity of the reflections, or even hide them all together.

Or if you need more intense shadows to fit your scene you can do it in one click. With this mockup you are getting a fully composited 3D Render that is built in a non-destructive way, so you can have all the control a 3D artist has!

Watch this full tutorial on how to use this template.

Learn step by step how you can use this template to create your first design or concept, this tutorial is beginner friendly, but its recommended that you have basic knowledge of photoshop.

Ultra 8K Resolution

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Samples using this template

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Football, Soccer jersey builder template V.2

31 Reviews
Photoshop mockup

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Customers say this about our template

  1. azoozbastos Verified purchase

    There is something missing.. there should be 3 lines on sides

  2. salahalaraby82 Verified purchase

    good work ali

  3. azoozbastos Verified purchase

    It is really fantastic as always, but I hoped that you edit the authentic badge because it is now 2019, not 2018 as well as for v.1 template. And also I think that the 3 strips on sides are missing (not sure).

  4. azoozbastos Verified purchase

    The best site I swear. Your templates resolution are incredible. Try to focus on soccer templates because soccer fans are a lot more than the others. However, your prices are hell unbelievable, try to calm down and make it lower that’s how more customers will come to you.

  5. josearruabarrena Verified purchase

    Perfect asset. Incredible resolution.

  6. clement.yodar Verified purchase

    Very sharp and good mockup but a bit heavy on my pc. But overall are wonderful.

  7. bkw.32 Verified purchase

    great work

  8. info148 Verified purchase

    The best Mockup in my opinion, only 1 issue with it, about bottom parts off the sleeves and the bottom part of the front and back shirt, its very hard to match patterns , i hope they find a solution for it in the future, everything else from the template is perfect, keep up the good work guys two thumbs up

  9. aksekom Verified purchase

    this is the best mockup I’ve ever used.

  10. Allan Polintan Verified purchase

    Amazing product.
    It only needs one more thing: to be able to have a 3/4 view on both side.

    For those who’d like to have a custom outfit, then this mock up is perfect.

    As a side project: Maybe have a F1/ Motor Pilot?

  11. benjee giray Verified purchase

    another awesome mock up pattern, one thing i would like to see on the next volume the option on collar with zip and with button.

  12. kromholc Verified purchase

    Absolutely great

  13. Daniel Ruggiero Verified purchase

    Why no collar options on the back view?

  14. Steven Verified purchase

    Great quality as always!

  15. Travis Verified purchase

    Been using it for a week now and I can’t say enough good things about it. I wish it was a full kit like the other soccer template, but if you just want to work on the jersey itself, you can’t go wrong with this one, the dynamic lighting really takes this one to the next level

  16. peppenielli Verified purchase

    Excellent quality; PSD very easy to use.

  17. Julie Brochu Verified purchase

    Very easy to use and professional mock up. Our jersey looks great.

  18. László Takács Verified purchase

    Super quality template!

  19. Par Tuvang Verified purchase

    Everything you could ask for in a mockup template like this, great quality!

  20. powerplayjerseys Verified purchase

    Super easy to use and always great examples in the templates to use. Thanks Ali!

  21. Lucasmzanyc Verified purchase

    Great template, it is really easy to use and it is high quality.

  22. Dwight Vincent Verified purchase

    These templates are simply amazing!

  23. apadelek Verified purchase

    The best quality preview I’ve ever seen for my designs on Instagram and facebook.
    Makes it look real without sample pictures.

  24. caseysprogis Verified purchase

    another great product. exactly what I was looking for. easy to use

  25. Luc Anthony Verified purchase

    Very nice, easy to use

  26. Ricardo G. Verified purchase

    Easy to use, high quality mockup.

  27. Nuno Freitas Verified purchase

    Great Template!!!!

  28. Jon Verified purchase

    Best quality anywhere

  29. Cedric Rivera Verified purchase

    Easy to work, and intuitive. Very Good template

  30. wilsonr1282 Verified purchase

    This is the 4th template I’ve purchased from SportsTemplates. They are so easy to use and make designing a breeze! Be it if you’re an amateur or professional these templates are awesome!

  31. Ben McDermaid Verified purchase

    Great set of files, really easy to use. A tad large in the file size which can cause issues, but otherwise, really nice.

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All and any logos or trademarks seen on our website are not included in any of our templates. These logos can be externally added to our templates to create graphics and designs; the designs seen on our website are samples created by our customers and we use them to showcase how the templates can be used.

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